Pera Pension Plans

Colorado PERA provides retirement and other benefits to more than 560,000 current and former teachers, State Troopers, snowplow drivers, corrections officers, and other public employees who provide valuable services to all of Colorado.

Do you know how Pera can make changes to your pension payments?
Do you know how your Pera retirement is calculated? What is HAS?
Did you know your pre-tax deductions can dramatically reduce your Pera retirement benefits?
Has your advisor discussed how the WEP provision can reduce your social security income by 50% or more?
Did you know your employee benefits with Pera will either cost more to keep or completely be gone at retirement?
When can I retire with Pera?

Is Pera 100% guaranteed to be there when I retire?

Did you know most retirees will never get 100% of their salary at retirement?  How are you filling the gap?

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